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Caz graduated from Drama School in 2001. She is currently developing eight site specific monologues: The Devestations of Maura James.

Equity Membership: M00226117

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Caz's experience as an actor and performance artist has ranged from large scale Shakespeare in the Park to one-to-one monologue experiences sat at the bar in your local pub.


Dream Incubation, playing The Dream Nurse with tactileBOSCH at Greenman Festival.

By Order Of...playing Gypsy Tarot Reader at Depot, Cardiff.


Devastations of Maura James 2, at Chapter Arts, Experimentica.

Underground Cabaret Caravan  playing Madam Luchesa at Hub Festival, Cardiff.

Midsummers Nights Dream  playing Quince/ Thisby with Magpies.

Gravida  performing as Mother Dancer with Republic of the Imagination, Chapter arts Centre, Cardiff.

Jubilee  as Jester with tactileBOSCH at Jacobs Market, Cardiff.


Lost Vegas Motel, performing Devestation's of Maura James with tactileBOSCH and Blue Honey.


Garden of Earthly Delights  as She is Jazz Singer with tactileBOSCH and musician/ composer Annette Loose.


Mugdock Ghost Walks by Floss Ross playing Madam Luchesa with Fizzgig, Glasgow.


Mugdock Ghost Walks by Floss Ross as Tam O'Lantern with Fizzgig.

Crofters Backbone as 'She' with Theatre Found & GTAC at Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

Ithaka by Francis Hagan playing Penelope with Theatre Found at GTAC, Glasgow Theatre and Arts Collective for NTS, Five Min Theatre.


The Inquisitor by Peter Arnott playing THe Inquisitor, with Theatre Found Ltd at Out of The Blue, Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Jack and the Beanstalk ( Ebeneza Squeezer ) with Fizzgig at Mugdock Country Park. 

Hidden Spaces Project with Kate E. Deeming and Urban Croft.

The Umbilical Cord by Krystyna Kofta ( Rose / Eve) at The Tron Theatre.


King Arthur by Lucy Norberg playing Guinivere with Siege Perilous at Edinburgh Festival.


Midsummers Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare as Peter Quince with Fizzgig.


Robin Hood by Martin McNaughton ( Robin Hood) at Helensbugh Theatre Arts.


Oedipus by Sophocles (Chorus, as singular) at University of Glasgow.


Knights and Castles (TIE) by Terri Jones at Cumbernauld Theatre.

Elves and the Shoemaker by Terri Jones at Cumbernauld Theatre

Lear by William Shakespeare ( Regan)

Glasgow Rep Co at Bard in then Bontanic's.


Duchess of Malfi by John Webster as  Delio with Glasgow Rep Co

Ramshorn Graveyard.

The Mad Hatters Tea Party by I.S.Letters and dir. by David Lee-Michael. Performing as Cheshire Cat

XLC at Edinburgh Festival.

The Tempest by William Shakespeare as Gonzala Glasgow Rep Co at Bard in the Botanic's.

As You Like It by William Shakespeare ( Mary/ Adam) Glasgow Rep Co at Bard in the Botanic's.

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