Caz believes in connecting up ideas and learning from eachother as artists and individuals. Her current collaborations are with Aleksandra Jones from Republic of the Imagination and Wales International Documentary Film Festival, tactileBOSCH and National Museum Wales. She previously collaborated with tactileBOSCH on setting up the Wood Street Studio's, Cardiff (2015) and incorporated GTAC (Glasgow Theatre and Arts Collective) in 2010 with six other artists. Caz is also connected with Annet Henneman of Teatro di Nascosto ( Hidden Theatre) who she has represented, collaborated and documented during various projects supporting Human Rights of those living in areas of conflict.

Caz's engagement's in research, evaluation and consultancy of arts projects has been since 2013. She asks how the arts can engage with differing contexts, diversities and vital life stories.Her clients have been Cardiff University, Cardiff Participatory Network, Creative Cardiff, Booktrust Cymru, Historic Scotland, National Museums Wales, Swedish Museums and Republic of the Imagination.

She is mostly interested in contributing to the growth and value of the creative industries; deep democracy; human rights and active creative participation. The projects she becomes involved in all aim to achieve a greater understanding of social justice, equality and diversification of representations.


Museum Lates, Caz is currently creative consultant on the next Museum Lates event 'Dino', at National Museum Wales in January 2020. 


Museum Lates: SPACE with National Museum Wales and collaborating with tactileBOSCH and Blue Honey.


Creative Cardiff focus groups on the next phase of the project engagements. Caz ran three focus groups to determine the needs and expectations of creatives living and working in Cardiff.


Wales for Peace ( WCIA) with Dr Jenny Kidd and Cardiff University. Caz conducted deep dives into the case studies, interviews and observations for the mid -term and end of term evaluations for Heritage Lottery Fund.

2015- 2019

The Voices Project ( Audience responses to Paul Cummings Wave and Weeping Window Poppies installations in regards to reminiscence of WW1) with Dr Jenny Kidd, Cardiff University  and Dr Joanne Sayner, Birmingham and Newcastle Universities.


Festival of Voice Audience engagement with Creative Cardiff and Wales Millennium Centre. Caz conducted and collated interviews with audiences engaging in Festival of Voice and made ethnographic observations.


Mapping Public Engagement in Cardiff Civic Centre with Mari Lowe for Cardiff Participatory Network. 


Women Representing Women with Aleksandra Jones. This conference is a part of active participatory research in women representing women and performing data. 


Booktrust Cymru 

Carrie interviewed practitioners in Foster Care Services on the challenges parents of looked after children have in reading to their children.

Harris C., Westwater, C. & Mills, J. (2017). Research with practitioners in Wales: Support for foster carers with reading with their children.


Ragged University.

Co -Director of Ragged University.Carrie collaborated with David Hughes and Alex Dunedin on the setting up of Ragged University piloting the concept and launching RU in Glasgow with 17 events in four weeks.



Caz incorporated GTAC (Glasgow Theatre and Arts Collective) after seeing a 'for let' sign at an old YMCA building in Glasgow. This continues to be a co-working space built on a structure of sharing resources, rehearsal space and offices.

2008- 2012

Free Belarus Now. Caz collaborated with Belarus Free Theatre and Free Belarus Now on several campaigns to raise awareness of the imprisonment of artists by the Lukeshenko regime. She screened The Last Dictator at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012 (article on this features on the blog page) and curated an exhibition of photos produced by the charity Free Belarus Now at the Forest Cafe.

2009 -currently

Teatro di Nascosto

Carrie has been involved with Teatro di Nascosto for many years as a director, performer and journalist. Collaborating under the lead of artistic director Annet Henneman on the development of La Radio and several awareness raising events that explain the experiences of living in conflict zones. such as Refugiati and Dreams from Beyond. Carrie is passionate about the work that Annet Henneman does and believes that Theatre Reportage is an effective method to build international empathy. Please see

for more information and to help support Annet's incredible work.



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