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Caz has been working as a community artist with schools, museums, theatres, rehabilitation units, hospitals and agencies within disability arts for two decades. This works has deeply informed all her practice. 
She is currently developing a method of co-curation and co-production called 'non-selective curation', which increases 'decision making' powers and a 'sense of ownership'over the space and place of participation experienced by the community partner.

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Caz has worked in the field of community participatory arts for over twenty years. She uses differing methods to encourage deep democracy and social justice aiming for the participation between artist and participant to be an equal partnership.


Policy Breakfast ( with JOMEC, Cardiff University)

Caz co-created a short film documenting a policy breakfast at Cardiff West Community High School with Year 11 students.


Satire of the Three Estates ( Historic Scotland and Edinburgh and Brunel Universities)

Caz was the community outreach officer, developing a documentary on the youth engagement in Scotland's oldest play (1542). She also developed an educational toolkit piloting this with seven drama schools across Scotland and Donaldson's School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


A View from Here ( Scottish Refugee Council and Glasgow Museums).

Caz was the Heritage Learning Officer for the performance elements of A View from Here which saw her co-create two bespoke site specific promenade performances with community actors. A View from Here focussed on the refugee and asylum seeker stories of people housed in High Tower flats in Glasgow. The project was nominated as best Heritage project of 2014. ​


Cothram Eile (St Mungos Foundation).

Caz used film and and narrative explorations to work with recovering addicts. She was artist in residency for two years. Several short films and testimonials were created, including the development of an effective method of working with addicts to reclaim a sense of presence, aiding in their recovery.

Stobill Hospital ( with Glasgow Museums).

With colleague Lindsey McKay at Glasgow Museums,  Caz worked with patients who were recovering from a Stroke to regain motor neurone efficiency. This process was achieved by using museum objects and co-creative collage making. These reminiscence methods found patients experiencing increased rates of recovery. 


Curious Project, with Glasgow Museums.

With colleague Martha Burns-Finlay, Caz co-created the Curious Learning Programme. This was part of the highly commended Curious Project which Museums Association named as a 'Museums Change Lives' case study for best practice.

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