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Please see below for up to date information on projects Caz is currently involved with. If you would like to chat about these, give her a call, email or get her on Instagram @caz_westwater  / 07447454603

To book Actng & Performance classes please use email.

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Private and one - to - one acting and performance tuition and drama school preparation.  A'Level Acting and L.A.M.D.A examinations ( to Diploma Level) are also training provisions Caz provides.

Caz is an established theatre director and has taught Acting and Performance and Audition prep for around thirty years.  Since relocation from Scotland to Wales she has worked extensively as Associate Lecturer in Drama Cardiff Metropolitan University and as a mentor at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. 

Caz' work helps in public speaking, confidence building and perfromance.

For private one- to -one tuition for adults and young adults please email her at

First 30 mins are Free!

NB: Public liability is held and Covid Safety guidelines upheld.

Current Projects: Welcome


Book private classes and sibling group classes, in drama, performance, confidence building and storytelling for ages 5 years - 14 years.

Caz also provides preparation for L.A.M.D.Examinations, GCSE, and A' Level tuition.

These can be face-to-face in Cardiff,  or via Zoom ( From anywhere). 

The first 30 mins are free! 

For more information email Caz at:

Current Projects: Welcome
Sunset in the Woods
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Heritage Walkers

Heritage Walkers is in partnership with National Slate Museum, Creative Technologist James Taylor ( Cardiff University) and Artist Sharon Magill ( Cardiff University). Caz was awarded Clwstwr funding to conduct an R&D on this proposed outdoor walking experience in the Summer, 2020 and work has begun. 

Imagine taking a long needed walk with your children or friends and along the way stories of local folk law, fairy tales, Celtic myths and heritage appear as films projected through forests and on water. As you, the 'Heritage Walkers' take your journey to local Heritage sites and Museums you are on a quest to  hear soundscapes and meet virtual characters who give you clues to find your destination. If the 'walkers' lose their way ( as oft they are want to do so...) new characters will help them get on track ( perhaps using GPS to guide them).  

This project is in its infancy and is one of the Clwstwr Cohort, 2020 R&D projects. 

Our hope is to animate outdoor environments to engage families and international visitors in the landscape and heritage of Wales, through creative and interactive means. 

Think Pokémon Go meets the the Ramblers.

Heritage Walkers is a Clwstwr R&D project. Clwstwr is an innovation programme for the South Wales screen sector, funded by the Creative Industries Clusters Programme which is part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy.

Current Projects: Welcome

Participate in Heritage Walkers

We are conducting audience research on whether this is an idea people would enjoy? Could you please fill in the following survey ( bilingual links below) to help us in this endeavour? Much appreciate! Diolch!

The survey takes approximately 6 mins to complete and all answers are anonymously collected. The information provided will be used as market research for the development of the Heritage Walkers as an idea in collaboration with National Museum Wales, Cardiff University and as part of the Clwstwr Cohort 2020. (Cymraeg) 

Mae Heritage Walkers yn brosiect Ymchwil a Datblygu Clwstwr. Rhaglen arloesi ar gyfer sector sgrîn De Cymru yw Clwstwr, a ariennir gan Raglen Clystyrau’r Diwydiannau Creadigol sy’n rhan o Strategaeth Ddiwydiannol Llywodraeth y DU.  (English) 


Briff i Actor

Mae angen actor sy’n siarad Cymraeg i wneud pedwar diwrnod o waith yng Ngwynedd

Rydym yn datblygu syniad ar gyfer dehongli treftadaeth yn ddigidol yn Amgueddfa Lechi Cymru, Llanberis. Bydd hyn yn rhan o brofiad y ‘Cerddwyr Treftadaeth’, sef cymuned ar-lein o gerddwyr sy’n cael clywed straeon digidol ar hyd llwybrau cerdded rhwng mannau twristaidd, amgueddfeydd a safleoedd treftadaeth. Byddent yn profi hyn fel ‘chwaraewyr sy’n cerdded’ – fel gêm. Rhywbeth tebyg i Gerddwyr yn cwrdd â Pokémon Go; lle byddent yn casglu pwyntiau a chliwiau i ganfod llwybrau cerdded newydd, straeon, a gwybodaeth am dreftadaeth. Bydd y cynnyrch hwn yn ddwyieithog, ac rydym yn chwilio am actor profiadol i berfformio penodau o theatr ddigidol yn rhan o’r gwaith ymchwil a datblygiad.

Y ffi yw £1000 (4 diwrnod o waith am £250 y dydd) gyda’r ymarferion a’r perfformiad yn digwydd ym mis Ionawr 2021

Anfonwch eich CV a’ch tâp arddangos (os oes un gennych) at erbyn 14eg Rhagfyr 2020 os gwelwch yn dda.

Mae Heritage Walkers yn brosiect Ymchwil a Datblygu Clwstwr. Rhaglen arloesi ar gyfer sector sgrîn De Cymru yw Clwstwr, a ariennir gan Raglen Clystyrau’r Diwydiannau Creadigol sy’n rhan o Strategaeth Ddiwydiannol Llywodraeth y DU.

Actors Brief

Welsh speaking actor required for four days work in Gwynedd.

We are developing an idea for digital heritage interpretation at National Slate Museum, Llanberis. This experience will be part of ‘Heritage Walkers’, an online community of walkers who can access digital stories along walkways between tourist spots, museums, and heritage sites. This will be experienced by ‘walking players’- as a game. Think the Ramblers meets Pokémon Go; where you collect points and clues to find new walkways, stories, and heritage information. This product will be bilingual, and we are looking for an experienced actor to perform episodes of digital theatre as part of an R & D.

Fee is £1000 (4 days works @ £250per day) with rehearsals and performance scheduled for January 2021

Please send your CV and showreel (if you have one) to by 27th December 2020.

Current Projects: Welcome



There is a lot of news about Gravida and Gravida Collective coming. Please do watch this space! 

This Gravida R&D project of 2018 was informed by a strong legacy of several small and medium scale research projects, including Women in Pregnancy and Art of Living-Gravida,, funded by the Arts Council of Wales. Through working with midwives and pregnant professional dancers ( shown here in the image as Lara Croft, Jessie Brett, Deborah Light and Aleksandra Nikolayev Jones) we have developed a strong evidence base for the concept of CODA ( Context Orientated Dance Approach) methodology.

CODA uses mindful movement in an aesthetic dance context to connect performers (dancers and non-dancers) to their own bodies in the flow and to use creativity as a fundamental way for human beings to express and connect with their own and collective well-being.

Caz Westwater is currently writing a chapter, with Aleksandra Nikolayev Jones on the performance at Chapter Arts Centre, 2018 for Routledge publication "Mothering: Processes, Practices and Performances" edited by Emily Underwood - Lee and Lena Simic. 

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A production in development

Med[ia] and "the other" stories is a performance project Caz Westwater is currently developing. This project began as a series of monologues that explored the unvoiced women as Devastations of Maura James ( Experimentica, 2018). These monologues are now being elaborated and will include scenes with a cast of six women who will perform characters from antiquity in reaction to being written by men.

Current Projects: Bio
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